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Nothing matters more than keeping you, your family, and your livelihood protected. That's a large responsibility.


Are you ever safe enough?


No one ever expects bad things to happen to them - it always happens to the other guy. Except when it doesn't.

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Available Services

Unique Services

  • Text message and email updates
  • Remote live monitoring and playback
  • FTP Server upload
  • Consulting on difficult projects

Total Protection

Your assets are important - make sure they're protected.

Video monitoring of remote location via our stand-alone, solar-powered system with network capability and battery back-up. 

Provides live monitoring of property, construction sites, vacant real estate listings, entry control points and other hard to reach areas without traditional power or network capability.

Services Overview

New Service

A comprehensive, integrated solution is the best choice

At DVR ProTechs, we do everything needed to ensure the quality of protection you receive from your video surveillance system is of the highest caliber.